Today, Anselmi is a guarantee of quality, since it offers a range of products that go beyond customer service: these are advanced raw materials for Master Gelato Makers who wish to stand out by making unique ice cream.

Ice Cream Bases

Nuclei and Bases for Ice Cream and Sorbets with which tailor-made recipes can be created; flavouring pastes suitable for highly customised products.

The Pure range

Without flavourings or colourings, these pastes are obtained by pressing the best raw materials. True delicacies to be used for ice creams and sorbets of guaranteed quality, which are extremely versatile and suitable for use in confectionery.

Anselmi Specialities

Great Classics with an authentic flavour and an innovative twist, made with the finest ingredients, for naturally delicious ice cream rooted in tradition.

Chocolate World

In order to offer a high level of customisation, Anselmi's products can be used to make both dark and milk chocolate ice cream – without cocoa – of the highest quality, with a round, intense and distinctive flavour.


Balance lies in contrasts. Anselmi offers Premium Quality Stracciatella to be paired with creations with an unforgettable crunchy texture.